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Top 5 Northern Irish Bands of 2016

Northern Ireland…ahhh…the country where technically it is still illegal to go to the cinema on the Sabbath and where under 16’s make up 25% of the population. It’s no surprise then that the wealth of new and young music is booming. It’s just tricky to choose a Top 5! Hence two lists…one of all time favourites and one consisting of the best outputs in the past couple of years. So in no particular order here’s our Top 5. Let us know who you think we’ve missed! I might do another one in a couple of months…there’s just so many! Go and educate, it’s a lot of fun. Continue reading “Top 5 Northern Irish Bands of 2016”


Top 5 Northern Irish Bands

Northern Ireland has a pretty special connotation with big music names and not many people realise it. From Van Morrison to Snow Patrol, Vivian Campbell to Two Door Cinema Club and even Ash to Foy Vance. All of the above are more than worthy of this list, as well as many many more…having said all that I feel the best lie hidden, unfortunately so hidden that most have disbanded. Not to Continue reading “Top 5 Northern Irish Bands”

Top 5 Thin Lizzy Albums

For nearly 10 years I have been an avid fan of the Irish rockers in every form they have continued to occupy. The following are my Top 5 Albums of one of the most under-rated rock bands of all time. 

5. Thunder and Lighting – One of the foundations of Heavy Metal. Featuring songs like ‘Cold Sweat’ this is an album that can’t be ignored.

4. Bad Reputation – ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ ‘Southbound’ This is a Continue reading “Top 5 Thin Lizzy Albums”

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