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Koi Child Interview

Jamie Canny, the hairtastic saxophone player for Freo’s Funkiest, Koi Child plus countless others. I caught up with Jamie to have a chat about his work with Koi Child, James Teague and where it all began.

CC: Hey man, thanks for catching up with us. What are you up to at the minute? Is Koi Child the only project you’re working on?

JC: My pleasure! Thanks for asking me.
Lately it’s all Koi. We’re busy Continue reading “Koi Child Interview”


The Drools Interview

“After the conception of THE DROOLS early last year, 2015 saw the three-piece play alongside likes of Dune Rats, The Love Junkies, FOAM & Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Momentum gathering they host their first run of gigs in wake of their single Sullen Scenes kicking off at The Bird on May 28th.”

The Drools is Ben Salmin, Tom Keady and Jake Coulter, and I got the chance to have a chat with Ben about the upcoming single, how the band came together and all things music. Continue reading “The Drools Interview”

Philadelphia Grand Jury Interview

I had the opportunity to catch up with Joel, AKA, MC Bad Genius from Sydney’s Philadelphia Grand Jury to discuss the upcoming tour and Scottish Hostels…

 CC: Afternoon Joel! For those who don’t know, how did the Philly Jay’s begin? Where did it all start?

Joel: It was actually underneath Berkfinger’s (Simon) grandparents house, when his dad was a teenager he built this little studio space in his garage and we kinda took that over and we started jamming. Dan the drummer was actually best Continue reading “Philadelphia Grand Jury Interview”

Milwaukee Banks Interview

This morning I caught up with Milwaukee Banks to ask them some questions. The Melbourne hip-hop duo are in the midst of their Australian tour and talked us through the album writing process and what fans can expect. Milwaukee Banks are producer, Edo and lyricist Dyl Thomas. On behalf of

CC: Morning Guys! So for those who don’t know, what is Milwaukee Banks, and tell us how it all began?

Dyl: I suppose it sort of officially started a few years ago but we have known each other for over 10 years now. I met Edo through my girlfriend’s sister who went to Uni with Edo and she was always talking about how much we had in common and we Continue reading “Milwaukee Banks Interview”

Auguste Interview

AUGUSTE are an Adelaide pop-duo consisting of step-sisters, Skye Lockwood and Beth Keough. Upon hearing their new single, Kingdom I had the opportunity to ask Skye some questions regarding both past and future releases on behalf of

CC: Hi! First of all I’d love to know, where did the name of the band originate from?

SL: August is the month we decided to take a different path musically. We started producing our own music & writing all our songs Continue reading “Auguste Interview”

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