I for one love Flo Morrissey’s music yet before listening to this was unfamiliar with Matthew E. White’s output. It took me a couple of listens to get used to Flo’s vulnerable tones in such a different atmosphere than what I’m used to hearing.

The production of this mellow-funk track compliments the two voices so well as they intertwine with each other. Every time this track finishes I’m immediately hitting the back button. Such a fun a light hearted track, I’m not really sure what the lyrics are about but I don’t care.

Delicious higher register bass line too.

I was not even aware this was a cover initially, so thanks to this I’ve discovered a new band! The catchy chorus sticks with you for the rest of your evening as you eat Satay and mashed sweet potato..or maybe that’s just me..

Love those audience samples too..