mmmm…I was going to do a review for the trio’s (now there’s technically five of them) come back single ‘Are We Ready’ a few weeks ago…mainly cause I had such strong opinions of it and if I’m honest not overly positive ones…but the more I listened the more my opinion changed especially with the addition of the fantastic music video.

I must say I really like the new style the chaps have acquired. The funky, post-modern feel with dissonant synths, odd samples, falsetto etc. They needed something new but still something the fans could relate too and I feel they have filled that gap in the market.

I keep listening, it’s clear a lot of thought and ideas have leaked into it. Lead guitar and vocal unison is a growing trend that works excellently here. The bridge with the repeated vocal riff, shredding guitar etc is a nice change from the Bangor Boys. I myself am confused! It’s definitely a dancer and I am really excited for the album but I’m not sure about it all. At the same time I don’t need to be sure….it’s a ‘Different kind of art’.