For nearly 10 years I have been an avid fan of the Irish rockers in every form they have continued to occupy. The following are my Top 5 Albums of one of the most under-rated rock bands of all time. 

5. Thunder and Lighting – One of the foundations of Heavy Metal. Featuring songs like ‘Cold Sweat’ this is an album that can’t be ignored.

4. Bad Reputation – ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ ‘Southbound’ This is a release full of classic after classic.

3. Jailbreak – The real breakthrough album for the Irishmen especially in the US. Every track is a radio hit.

2. Black Rose – ‘Waiting for an Alibi’ is one of the most expertly written rock tracks of all time never mind the legend of the title track.

1. Vagabonds of the Western World – Lizzy’s third album and one of the most overlooked is full of virtuoso playing…fascinating prog songwriting and just stunning imagery. It will never fail to be a work of overlooked art.