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Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White – Look at What the Light Did Now / Single Review

I for one love Flo Morrissey’s music yet before listening to this was unfamiliar with Matthew E. White’s output. It took me a couple of listens to get used to Flo’s vulnerable tones in such a different atmosphere than what I’m used to hearing.

The production of this mellow-funk track compliments Continue reading “Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White – Look at What the Light Did Now / Single Review”


Metallica – Hardwired / Single Review

I’m writing this as I listen to it for the first time.

I won’t mention the snare…I won’t mention the snare……. Continue reading “Metallica – Hardwired / Single Review”

The Divine Comedy – Foreverland / Album Review


I don’t say that lightly.

I’m fascinated at how fresh this album sounds within the Continue reading “The Divine Comedy – Foreverland / Album Review”

Koi Child Interview

Jamie Canny, the hairtastic saxophone player for Freo’s Funkiest, Koi Child plus countless others. I caught up with Jamie to have a chat about his work with Koi Child, James Teague and where it all began.

CC: Hey man, thanks for catching up with us. What are you up to at the minute? Is Koi Child the only project you’re working on?

JC: My pleasure! Thanks for asking me.
Lately it’s all Koi. We’re busy Continue reading “Koi Child Interview”

Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions / Single Review

mmmm…I was going to do a review for the trio’s (now there’s technically five of them) come back single ‘Are We Ready’ a few weeks ago…mainly cause I had such strong opinions of it and if I’m honest not overly positive ones…but the more I listened the more my opinion changed especially with the addition of the fantastic music video.

I must say I really Continue reading “Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions / Single Review”

Jake Bugg – On My One / Album Review

I was never really that big a fan of Jake Bugg. I felt like I should have liked him but I just couldn’t…to be fair I didn’t try too hard. Bugg’s new album On My One starts with a sullen folk/blues song that has be transported back to early recordings with Dobro’s and stompboxes.

I’m quite hooked in then….bam Continue reading “Jake Bugg – On My One / Album Review”

PAWS – No Grace / Album Review

2012’s release Cokefloat saw Paws display to us their unique ability to write simple punk songs that were catchy and and interesting. The darling, Sore Tummy being a perfect example.

The Scottish trio last week released their third album, No Grace, a considerably rougher and more confident record. With Mark Hoppus Continue reading “PAWS – No Grace / Album Review”

Top 5 Northern Irish Bands of 2016

Northern Ireland…ahhh…the country where technically it is still illegal to go to the cinema on the Sabbath and where under 16’s make up 25% of the population. It’s no surprise then that the wealth of new and young music is booming. It’s just tricky to choose a Top 5! Hence two lists…one of all time favourites and one consisting of the best outputs in the past couple of years. So in no particular order here’s our Top 5. Let us know who you think we’ve missed! I might do another one in a couple of months…there’s just so many! Go and educate, it’s a lot of fun. Continue reading “Top 5 Northern Irish Bands of 2016”

Cabbage – Dinner Lady / Single Review

Like discordant neo post-punk? Like humorous/distasteful lyrics, repetitive riffs and rough and ready production? Like bands from Manchester…ok you get it.

Cabbage are that band well and they have just released their new single Dinner Lady talking about possible real Continue reading “Cabbage – Dinner Lady / Single Review”

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